Ways To Open Yourself Up To Energy: Ultimate Guide

Finding ways to open yourself up to energy has always been a Herculean task to most people in the world, if you are yet to find out how then you are at the right place.

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Opening Yourself To Energy

Controlling your energy level and emotional moods is vital for self-mastery. A person who is able to control their emotions is capable of performing in any setting.

You must learn how to regulate your energy in motion in order to master emotions. Your vibration is the source of your energy, and it is influenced by your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions.

Whoever managed their energy and emotions understands how energy is gained and lost. The ability to generate your own energy allows you to be self-sufficient and powerful.

Masters understand how to control and release their energy on command.

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The law of vibration

The same vibrational principles that govern our thoughts, feelings, desires, and wills in the physical world also govern our ideas, feelings, desires, and wills in the etheric realm. Each sound, thing, and even idea has its own vibrational frequency that is distinct from the others.

Here are ways to open up yourself to vibration energy

  • Breathe deeply
Ways To Open Yourself Up To Energy

Your mind relaxes when you can take deep breaths and feel fully centered. By taking deep breaths, you allow “prana” (cosmic energy) to enter your system and refresh it. The breath is the beginning of life. When you need to refuel your energy, begin by breathing deeply. Breathe from your diagram to practice belly breathing.

  • Meditate

Meditation calms the mind, allowing you to feel serenity. A meditation practice clears your mind of the distracting thoughts that keep you from feeling clarity and serenity of mind.

Meditate for 5–10 minutes, about 1–2 times per day (or as needed). Meditation enables you to hear intuitive messages, focus your thoughts, and regulate your emotions.

Ways To Open Yourself Up To Energy


Your higher self expresses itself through creation. Creating allows you to de-stress, be productive, and have fun. Everyone is naturally creative; any denial of your own creativity is false.

Creativity is not only restricted to art; it is also a condition of mind. Creativity is the link between your inner self and the outside world.

Ways To Open Yourself Up To Energy
  • Listen to music

Your vibration is affected by music. Your vibration is your own specific energy frequency. Raising your vibration elevates your consciousness to a greater degree.

The higher your degree of consciousness, the more you connect with your higher self (God-self).

When music alters your emotional state, resonates with you, and is divine in its essence, it has the capacity to connect you to your higher self.

Because it plays at a higher frequency, music with deep bass and beats is an excellent technique to raise your vibration (bpm).

  • Give and receive love

Love is a powerful force. Are you feeling strong? Give unconditional love, peace, and harmony to others.

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  • Improve your nutrition

Whole, unprocessed, nutrient-dense foods provide you with more energy. Eating clean foods that fuel your body allows you to experience mental, physical, and spiritual clarity.

Furthermore, healthy foods provide you with natural energy. Whole meals digest more easily, putting less strain on your digestive organs and allowing blood to flow to other important areas.

The more food waste you have in your digestive organs, the more energy it takes to get rid of it.

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Ways To Open Yourself Up To Energy
  • Practice affirmation

Personal affirmations that are said aloud with emotion, conviction, and confidence have a tremendous amount of power.

Words have symbolic value. Your words shape your reality and influence how you experience it.

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  • Do what you love

When you do what you enjoy, you exude positivity. The energy of passion is contagious. You exemplify the actual essence of existence when you are in a loving spirit. By embracing love in your life, you may embrace and flow with it.

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Ways To Open Yourself Up To Energy


  • Think positively

Thoughts have energy. Masters understand how to adjust the polarity of their thoughts to fulfill their ultimate purpose.

  • Spend time with family and friends

Being with folks you care about and enjoy can recharge your batteries and make you feel happy. Surround yourself with people who are upbeat and supportive.

  • Exercise

“Physical activity boosts your energy levels. Regular physical activity enhances your cardiovascular health and fitness by increasing blood flow to your body.”

ways to open yourself up to energy

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