Taurus Woman In Bed: Getting Her To Fall Hopelessly In Love With You


The Taurus woman’s desire in bed is the most visible aspect of her. She provides her boyfriend with the greatest sexual encounters possible under the correct circumstances.

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If you want to be with this girl, you must be prepared to create the ideal environment. Make sure the bed is comfortable and comfy. Silk sheets will accomplish the job quite well.

Play soothing, romantic music to draw attention to the ambiance. Soft and low lighting is recommended.

The moments before getting to the bedroom matter a lot. Treat her to a nice sumptuous dinner. Serve her drink of choice.


If she’s to take a bath, she prefers a scented bath accompanied by a massage with the right essential oils.

Above all, be keen to treat her right. Ensure that you don’t engage in any acts of violence. She hates vulgar, demeaning language.

Avoid any form of excessive behavior and strange movements. Don’t force this girl into anything.

From the very beginning, let her know that you will treat her with the respect she deserves.

Taurus Woman In Bed
Taurus Woman In Bed: Getting Her To Fall Hopelessly In Love With You


How To Create Sexual Interest In Taurus Woman

It’s easy to entice this girl if you have a clear understanding of what drives her. She is turned on by a show of confidence.

So, you need to have an air of confidence in yourself. You should work on your swag. Demonstrate your confidence by kissing her in front of her girlfriends.


Tell her that your place is lonely and that you want her there. This is best done in front of her friends. She finds this brazen display of confidence rather hot.

It will arouse her instantly. She gets very motivated and will want to spend quality time with you. You can get her thinking of sex by seducing her inner senses.

You need to make her feel special. This is the gateway to her heart.

Be romantic. Make her some tantalizing food. Hold her close and shower her with your kisses and hugs.

She likes the ‘sweet nothings’ that you whisper in her ear. Make it a point to pamper her at every turn. She will be totally hooked on you.

A Taurus girl aims to create both emotional and physical intimacy. You need to create the opportunity for this to happen once she gets close to you.

Touch her right zones. Cover her neck with your kisses. Go down on her. Try anything that will make her totally sold out to you.

Women born under the Taurus zodiac signs have a soft spot for good kissers. If you are a passionate kisser, you are good to go when it comes to this girl.

Kiss her passionately, and she’d be all dripping wet, asking for more from you.

Taurus Woman In Bed
Taurus Woman In Bed: Getting Her To Fall Hopelessly In Love With You

What are the Sexual Traits of Taurus Woman?

The Taurus girl is quite imaginative. She has a great talent when it comes to sex. She can come up with a variety of ways to enjoy sex with her partner.

Furthermore, she’s not limited to the traditional or missionary methods of sex. She’s quite experimental, and she will ask you to try a few styles and positions.

She will enjoy playing with you between the sheets. This is how she creates maximum pleasure for both of you.

These women are bold babes. They are not shy when it comes to sex, as it is a way through which they fulfill one of their most natural needs.



This girl knows the appropriate move she needs to make to get you horny. If you follow her lead, you will have an awesome sexual experience.

She has many tricks up her sleeve, and her actions will leave your body craving for more. All you need is to create the right atmosphere for this.

Additionally, you should be ready to have this girl take the lead. She is not shy about showing her man a thing or two in the bed.

With her, you will encounter new dimensions of pleasure. You are unlikely to forget the sex experiences she’ll take you through.

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Best Ways to Seduce the Taurus Woman

The Taurus girl is one of the most sensual females in the zodiac spectrum. In the beginning, you may find it a bit tough trying to arouse her interest.


However, once you understand her motivations, it will be fairly easier.

Get to understand her well before you try to show your sexual interest in her. After all, you don’t want to get it wrong at the start.

Take your time to ensure that you get it right. Remember; once you get her interested, this marks the beginning of pleasurable times for you.

Learn to be patient. You need to grab her attention, but you need to do it spectacularly. Don’t do it as any other man would.

She’s special, and you should show her that you are willing to treat her as such.

The Taurus girl is a seductress. She is the master of bedroom matters. She won’t condone anyone who displays a lack of finesse in seducing her.

If you desire to enjoy her heavenly pleasures, you must up your game. This is not just any other girl you meet in the street.

Don’t make the mistake of being too flirty or acting cheap in her presence. She knows her worth. You need to show her that you know yours.

Taurus Woman In Bed
Taurus Woman In Bed: Getting Her To Fall Hopelessly In Love With You

Secrets of Taurus Woman in Bed

The first secret is that you should pay attention only to her and no one else. Don’t have eyes for other girls. This demand is common with most girls, but it is more prominent with the Taurus woman.

Compliment her as often as you can without sounding like a broken record. So, be creative as you go about this.

Kiss her passionately. She enjoys being cuddled as you whisper your love in her ears. Although she’s very active in bed, she dislikes any form of roughness or violence.

The Taurus girl tends to be jealous. She wouldn’t want you flirting with other women.

She enjoys every moment of lovemaking. Be ready for a sensual ride. Don’t be in a hurry as she likes to savor every bit of this experience.


The Taurus woman is unlikely to enjoy sex if it doesn’t start with foreplay. As such, you need to be well versed in this aspect of lovemaking.

Create the right atmosphere in the bedroom. She’s turned on by romantic music, low lights, and a soft bed.

Also, respect her feelings. If she has indicated that she doesn’t want something, there’s no point pushing.

Don’t make things worse by begging her to reconsider.

Taurus Woman In Bed
Taurus Woman In Bed: Getting Her To Fall Hopelessly In Love With You


The Taurus woman is naturally protective. She uses her resources to protect the interests of her man. At the same time, she wants to dominate him.


He should be willing to allow her to take control of things in the bedroom.

It would be a mistake to underestimate this girl’s sex drive. Remember; she is the female Bull, and she’s wont to behave as much.

She believes in good lovemaking. Her partner must show some prowess in these matters. Alternatively, he should demonstrate his willingness to learn what she will teach him.

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