A Galaxy Of Spiritual Communities Near Me


I want to Spiritual Communities Near Me? Do you need a place where you can live in harmony and in spirit? Are these questions you are asking?

Well, Ritual Meditations is here to take you through our list of ranked and reviewed spiritual communities near you

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Spiritual Communities Near Me I Didn’t Know

What are Spiritual Communities?

Spiritual communities are a place where people live together in the spirit of cooperation and friendship, dedicated to a common goal.

They invite spirituality into all areas of daily life, whether at school, at work, or at the home.

And at the core of spiritual living are central spiritual practices like yoga and meditation, as well as dedication to high-minded values such as kindness, respect, and simple living.

From tree house villages in Costa Rica to yoga communes in Hawaii, these 10 intentional communities are havens of peace, creativity, and sustainability.

Imagine waking up to the sound of bells from a temple to share in a morning yoga ritual overlooking the mountains of Peru, or the glittering Pacific Ocean in Hawaii.

Picking fresh vegetables from your neighborhood garden to cook in a community-wide meal in a spacious, shared kitchen.

Building your own non-toxic, mortgage-free cob house in a low-impact neighborhood of like-minded nature lovers.

Stepping out of your very own treehouse to gaze at a network of aerial walkways that look like something out of a sci-fi movie.

These 10 intentional communities, from utopian eco-villages to cute historic houses in urban Los Angeles, bring people together with common goals of harmonic living, artistic exploration, and sustainability.

Spiritual Communities near me
Spiritual Communities near me

Best List Of Spiritual Communities Near Me

  • Polestar Yoga Community, Big Island, Hawaii

Spiritual Communities Near Me
Spiritual Communities Near Me

What could be more relaxing than a yoga community in Hawaii? Polestar offers “an energizing lifestyle of daily yoga and meditation, karmic yoga or service projects, and outdoor adventure opportunities.”

Though it bills itself as a spiritual community, people of all faiths are welcome at this cooperative living retreat which is home to full-time residents and also open to visitors and apprentices.

Awakened each morning by the sound of music from the temple, a shrine dedicated to the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, guests enjoy daily routines involving organic food grown on-site, volunteer service, art, and lots of community involvement.

  • Eco Truly Park, Peru

Spiritual Communities Near Me
Spiritual Communities Near Me

It looks like something out of a fairy tale: adorable little cone-shaped buildings topped with colorfully painted spires, dotting the hillside on the Pacific coast of Peru.

This ecological and artistic community, an hour north of Lima, was founded on principles of non-violence, simple living, and harmony with nature.

Both the architecture and the values of the community are inspired by traditional Indian teachings and lifestyles.

Eco Truly Park has a goal of being fully self-sustainable and currently boasts a large organic garden. Open to volunteers, the community offers workshops in yoga, art, and Vedic philosophy.

  • Synchronicity Artist Commune, Los Angeles, California

Spiritual Communities Near Me
Spiritual Communities Near Me

Embodying the laid-back lifestyle of sunny Southern California, Synchronicity is a relaxed and welcoming intentional living community in the historic West Adams District of  Los Angeles.

Though it’s small – nowhere near the size of the rest of the communities on this list – Synchronicity is a great example of the thousands of similar shared households around the United States.

Synchronicity has eleven residents and focuses mostly on artistic actions and holding monthly artistic salons that are open to the public.

  • Earthhaven Ecovillage, Asheville, North Carolina

Located in the mountains of Western North Carolina, Earthaven is just one of many similar intentional communities focusing on sustainable living.

You’ll find virtually every type of natural building here, including Earthships, cob houses, and rustic cabins, with construction methods that eliminate toxic materials, logged timber, and mortgages.

Set on 320 lush acres 40 minutes southwest of Asheville, Earthaven frequently holds natural building workshops and welcomes the public to learn about permaculture, organic gardening, and other sustainable topics.

They offer camping and visitor accommodations as well as live-work arrangements.

Spiritual Communities near me
Spiritual Communities near me

  • Milagro Cohousing, Tucson, Arizona

Spiritual Communities Near Me
Spiritual Communities Near Me

Twelve minutes from downtown Tucson, Arizona, Milagro is a co-housing community with 28 passive-solar, energy-efficient adobe homes on 43 acres.

Set against the Tucson mountains, Milagro is simply a community of people who want to live a green lifestyle, surrounded by like-minded neighbors.

Each resident has access to 35 acres of undeveloped open space, as well as the 3,600-square-foot Common House, which has a meeting and dining space, a library, a playroom, and storage space.

Gardens, workshops, and a solar-heated swimming pool make it even more enticing.

  • Finca Bellavista Treehouse Community, Costa Rica

If you’ve ever watched Star Wars and wished that you could live with the Ewoks in their magical tree house community, take heed: such a thing actually exists. And it’s in Costa Rica. 

Finca Bellavista is a network of rustic, hand-built tree houses in the mountainous South Pacific coastal region of this Central American nation, surrounded by a jungle that is brimming with life.

The off-grid, carbon-neutral tree houses are connected by aerial walkways and include a central community center with a dining area, barbecue, and lounge.

Gardens, ziplines, and hiking trails make it even more of a tropical paradise. Prospective community members can design and build their own treehouses.

Additionally, some treehouse owners rent out their homes, and there are visitor accommodations available.

  • Tamera Peace Research Village, Portugal

Aiming to be a totally self-sufficient community, the Tamera Peace Research Village is in the Alentejo region of southwestern Portugal and is home to 250 coworkers and students who study how humans can live peacefully in sustainable communities, in harmony with nature.

It includes a non-profit peace foundation, a “SolarVillage” test site, a permaculture project with an edible landscape, and a sanctuary for horses.

  • Dancing Rabbit Eco Village, Missouri

Spiritual Communities Near Me
Spiritual Communities Near Me

Another showcase of the beauty of natural building techniques, the Dancing Rabbit Eco Village is a sustainable community located near Rutledge, Missouri advocating low-impact living and dedication to social change.

Everything from members’ diets to the way they use water is dictated by a commitment to living lightly on the earth.

The village is on 280 acres including six ponds, a small creek, and 40 acres of woodland, plus 30 acres where they have planted over 12,000 trees as part of a restoration program.

  • EcoVillage at Ithaca, New York
Spiritual Communities Near Me
Spiritual Communities Near Me

What would the ideal sustainable community look like? The EcoVillage at Ithaca is one example that is already thriving in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York.

It includes three co-housing neighborhoods called Frog, Song, and Tree as well as an organic CSA vegetable farm, community gardens, and over 100 acres of protected green space.

The houses are all energy-efficient and share facilities like a common house, wood shop, metal shop, bike shed playgrounds, and centralized compost bins.

Spiritual Communities near me
Spiritual Communities near me

  • Conceptual Community of Tiny Houses

It’s not yet a reality, but tiny house enthusiasts have a dream: idyllic neighborhoods where people who have committed to living in very small spaces can get together and share resources and camaraderie.

Tiny house communities are hard to come by because of various city and county ordinances, which favor large houses and conventional utilities.

At TinyHouseCommunity.com, people who live in tiny houses – or want to build their own someday – get together to talk about making these villages happen.

There are two tiny house communities currently in planning phases, in Washington D.C. and Texas.


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