Secret Of Spiritual Power: The Hidden Truth You Didn’t Know💥💥💥


The secret of Spiritual power in man is the combination of the Holy Spirit with the cleansed faculties and natural forces of the human soul, as well as the total surrender of the soul to and enthusiastic cooperation with the Holy Spirit on the human side.

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Discovering Spiritual Power

Regardless of how holy a man is, there must be a divine current flowing through him, a supernatural force that is definitively divine, and of which he is the vehicle and conductor.

This heavenly force is a mystery to the rest of the world, unfathomable even to the most learned sinners, misunderstood by carnal instructors, and completely beyond the grasp of philosophers or scientists.

Let us look at some Scripture examples. Jesus had a pure spirit; from the beginning of His existence, He was completely free of Adam’s fallen nature, and as a mere man.

He was morally superior to all the men of the world. But it was not by His holy creature strength that He accomplished His Father’s will.

The power that Jesus utilized to perform miracles, teach sermons, heal sicknesses, cast out demons, and save people was not the strength of His sinless soul, but the force that flowed from the baptism of the Spirit upon His immaculate humanity.

According to the passage of Scripture from James in the book of James 4:6b,7 which states, “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble. Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you”.

It gives us more information about why the strong are weak and why the weak are powerful, This verse’s study can be separated into four distinct components. Let’s take a look at each one separately.

Secret Of Spiritual Power


God Resists The Proud

Christians have a lot of plans, a lot of interests, a lot of thoughts, a lot of words, and a lot of stuff. It is impossible to say how much of the flesh is engaged in the things we do in Jesus’ name.

We know they can’t be solely spiritual works because there’s rarely any fruit to be found. We toil and work, but it appears that we make little or no progress. Something always seems to be in our way and hindering us.

Secret Of Spiritual Power


God Gives Grace To The Humble

Humility is the only requirement for grace. But what exactly is grace? Grace is more than a theological concept that describes how we are saved.

Grace is God’s power at work in your life to accomplish what you cannot do with your own strength. Grace is energizing and forward-thinking. When you are at your wits’ end, Grace Himself takes over and does what you are helpless to do.

First and foremost, you cannot rescue yourself, so you rely on the Grace of God, Jesus Christ, to save you. Grace, on the other hand, will not only lead you through the Gate but also down the Path.

Grace not only gets you started in the correct direction, but it also follows you every step of the way.

Secret Of Spiritual Power


Submit Yourselves To God

Do we require God’s might today? Do we seek the Lord’s Life today? Do we want Him to be the center of our life today? Do we still yearn for Him today? Then now is the time for us to surrender to Him fully and wholeheartedly.

We don’t need to drag the process out for days, weeks, months, or years. “If anyone will come after Me, he must deny himself daily, take up his cross, and follow Me” (Luke 9:23). Do it today, do it right now.

If we must bear the cross on a daily basis, let us bend our heads and give up the ghost rather than striving to stay alive, which just prolongs our misery. The key to overcome is to die every day.

Secret Of Spiritual Power


Resist The Devil, And He Will Flee.

We try to resist so many times, but we are defeated. Why? Simply because we try to resist the devil before we have surrendered to God.

There is a particular sequence that must be followed at all times. First, we must comprehend the principle of God resisting the proud while blessing the humble.

This is the basis for everything we do. Second, the word “therefore” implies that individuals who understand this theory will use it appropriately.

If they comprehend the truth that has just been given, they will surrender “hence” to God. Third, as a result of their submission to God, they will notice that the devil flees whenever and wherever they reject him.

Secret Of Spiritual Power

The term “flee” denotes “to flee in fright.” What a fantastic idea! It’s so satisfying to see the devil fleeing from us in terror, rather than the other way around!

That should be everyone’s usual experience as a Christian. That is the typical Christian life, a life of triumph.

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