Pentacle Of The Moon: The Mysterious Seal

The pentacle of the moon is a drawing that could be very significant or have no value at all. It is generally used to represent the goddess Diana or Selene.

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No one in the United States has been bold enough to create a concise and modern version of the pentacle of the moon…until now!

Pentacle of the Moon uses only contemporary imagery in its representation of four key stages of life. Inspiration for our times, this pentacle is sure to bring something fresh to your altar or ritual tables.

The pentacle of the moon is a sacred diagram used in many Wiccan and pagan traditions to represent the phases of the moon. I would like to talk about the history behind it and how to draw it in a traditional manner.

What Is Pentacle Of The Moon

The pentacle of the moon is a symbol that represents feminine power. It is used for protection and to invoke the goddess.

The pentacle of the moon can be made from a piece of paper or cloth, but many people prefer to use real jewelry. The pentacle can also be used as an amulet or talisman.

This type of jewelry is usually worn on the body, but you can also hang it on your wall or place it in your home.

The pentacle has five points and they represent the four elements (earth, air, fire, and water) plus spirit. Each point also represents one of our five senses: taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight.

The circle around the star represents eternity and infinity because it never ends no matter how big it gets. There are many different versions of this symbol that have been used throughout history.

You may see symbols that have six or seven points instead of five points as well as other symbols like circles around them or crosses inside them. This came out of the Seal of Solomon.


What Is The Seal Of Solomon

Pentacle Of The Moon
Pentacle Of The Moon

The Seal of Solomon is a magic seal. It’s also called the pentacle of Solomon and the ring of Solomon. It’s a symbol of power and protection in many cultures.

It’s been used for thousands of years by Jewish people, Christians, Muslims, and others.

The pentacle is an ancient symbol that can be found in many religions. The five points on the star represent earth, air, fire, water, and spirit.

The pentacle is often associated with witches because they use it as a form of protection against evil spirits. The symbol was also used by medieval alchemists who believed it could bring wealth to their homes.

In some stories, it’s known as a “doorway” or “gateway” between worlds.

In Judaism, Christianity and Islam there are no references to this symbol in holy texts or religious writings so we don’t know exactly where it came from or how long it has been around but there are several theories about its origins:

The Pentacle of Solomon. The most popular theory is that the symbol originated with King Solomon, who used it as a talisman to invoke various powers.

According to legend, Solomon was capable of controlling demons and creatures with supernatural powers using this symbol.

The Star of David. Another popular theory is that the pentagram was adopted from another symbol that also represents Solomon – a hexagram formed by two overlapping triangles and commonly known as the Star of David.

This symbol appears on the flag of Israel and is often associated with Jewish culture, although many Jewish people do not consider it their official emblem.

The Seal of Solomon. A third theory suggests that the pentacle represents one of King Solomon’s seals (a magical seal) which allowed him to control demons and other creatures with supernatural powers.

The Seal of Solomon was said to be inscribed with magic symbols or words which could be used to command spirits and genies into doing his bidding.”

How Does The Pentacle Of The Moon Work?

The pentacle of the moon is made up of five points, which represent the four elements (earth, air, fire, and water) along with spirit. The pentacle itself represents the earth element, while each of its points represents an element as well.

The point on top represents the spirit, while the bottom point represents the earth. The three points in between represent air (top), fire (middle), and water (bottom).

Benefits Of The Pentacle Of The Moon

  1. The pentacle of the moon is a talisman that provides protection against evil spirits and negative energies.
  2. It also helps to attract love, friendship, luck, money, and prosperity.
  3. The pentacle of the moon can be used in rituals to invoke lunar energy. It is one of the most powerful talismans for protection against negative forces and energies.
  4. The pentacle of the moon has been used for centuries by witches and occultists as a powerful protective charm against evil spirits, black magic, and dark forces.


What Do These Symbols Mean?

Pentacle Of The Moon
Pentacle Of The Moon

The pentacle itself has five different symbols on it: a crescent moon at the top; a circle around that; another circle inside that one; an inverted triangle below that; and a star inside the inverted triangle.

These symbols all have different meanings:

  1. The crescent moon at the top represents the female principle or feminine energy
  2. The circle around it represents unity or wholeness in nature
  3. The inner-circle represents infinity or eternity
  4. The inverted triangle below the pentacle of the moon represents the subconscious mind and our emotions. The bottom line represents physical reality.
  5. The star represents the feminine, passive principle; it is receptive, magnetic, and dark.


The pentacle of the moon symbol is a five-pointed star surrounded by a circle. It’s often used to represent the moon, and some Wiccans wear it as jewelry or draw it in their homes.

The pentacle of the moon has five points, each representing one thing:

  1. Earth: This is where we live.
  2. Fire: This represents passion and creativity.
  3. Air: This represents knowledge and inspiration.
  4. Water: This represents emotions and intuition.
  5. Spirit: This is what connects us all together and helps us find a balance between our physical body and our spiritual self.

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How To Activate The Pentacle Of The Moon

To activate your pentacle of the moon, you will need to perform a ritual with specific instructions.

  • Step 1: Prepare the ritual space.
  • Step 2: Gather your ritual tools and supplies.
  • Step 3: Light the candles and incense.
  • Step 4: Call upon the Goddess and God to be present in this sacred space with you.
  • Step 5: Begin to meditate on what you would like to manifest in your life as you hold your pentacle in your hands.
  • Step 6: When ready, open your eyes and gaze into the center of each stone for a few moments before moving on to the next stone until all five have been activated.

In Conclusion

As we stated above, this will take time to master fully. The more you practice and explore, the more you will understand.

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