Orchid Calcite: The Ultimate Guide

Orchid calcite is a really amazing stone that you don’t get to see every day. It’s one of the types of calcite stones and has very great benefit to us.

In this blog post, we are going to talk about this fantastic stone and its benefits. Let’s go right into it.

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Orchid Calcite Meaning

Calcites come in many colors, shapes, and textures. Sometimes they even come in multicolor.

But Orchid calcite is one of the rarest types and yet the most beautiful if I may say.  

It has this shine to its surface as well as this deep orange hue to magnify its beauty.

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Orchid Calcite is an orange color calcium carbonate with a black-brown and/or white color.

Orchid calcite is a powerful combination of two crystals orange calcite and black tourmaline.

Orange calcite is a powerful, protective, energizing, and balancing stone that helps integrate the spiritual realm with the physical body so that they are more in balance.

Orchid Calcite
Orchid Calcite

It is also beneficial for working with releasing anxiety and emotional disturbance, helping one to reclaim control over one’s life.

Whereas Black tourmaline is the most protective stone you can use since it will ground and concentrate your spirit while also shielding you from present and future harm.

The black tourmaline in this stone, which is related to the Root Chakra, will keep you feeling safe and grounded.

Benefits of Orchid Calcite.

It activates the Solar plexus and Sacral Chakras. These chakras are very important because they help us to believe in ourselves, they help us to speak up and they help us to get motivated and to do our work when we have lost all the energy or motivation to do it.

So, if you need a little bit of drive or momentum right now, then work with Orchid Calcite because it will help you if need to be a little grounded and start moving forward in your life.

Orchid Calcite
Orchid Calcite

If you ever have any insecurities, or you have doubt about yourself, your decisions, your abilities, or are unsure of what your future has in stock for you then working with Orchid is the best way to get motivated.

With this stone, you will be able to connect with your spiritual self or true self.

Nothing can change your spiritual self but then some things can make you have doubts and this is why this stone is highly recommended.

If you can have this stone with you always then you will indeed be unstoppable.

Another benefit of Orchid Calcite is that it is what I call “The Happy Crystal”.

This is a crystal or stone that has the ability to keep you in a very high positive energy.

It has the power to make you happy always. There is never a sad day with orchid calcite.

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It also helps with depression. I recommended everyone to have one of this type of calcite with them if you know you are struggling with depression or if you know anyone fighting with Depression or anxiety

This calcite is very energizing on all levels of mind, body, and spirit. Orchid encourages confidence and courage.

It is motivating, combating depression, anxiety, laziness, and emotional turmoil. Use orchid calcite to root yourself in your creativity and passion.

Put it on your altar or in your sacred area, or hold it in your hands during meditation.

Can You Tumble Calcite

Yes, you can tumble calcite!

Not all stones are created equal. In reality, certain stones are fairly pliable.

Although it may seem weird to term a rock soft, all stones and minerals have varying degrees of hardness.

Certain rocks are more difficult to shatter than others.

Orchid Calcite
Orchid Calcite

Softer rocks, such as calcite, may wear away in your hand just by rubbing it between your fingers, whereas harder rocks would require a lot of force to chip. Calcite is on the soft side of the hardness level.

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Minerals and stones are graded on a technical scale to determine how hard they are in comparison to one another.

This aids in the classification of the stones, as well as stone lovers who tumble stones for leisure.

Knowing a stone’s hardness will assist you in making better judgments about how to polish it and what to expect when it emerges from the tumbler.

So, this is why we can conclude that you can tumble calcite.

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