Larry Hernandez’s Family : A Look into His Children’s World

Larry Hernandez, a beloved figure in the regional Mexican music scene and a familiar face in reality TV, leads a remarkable life not only for his talent but also for his family. At the core of his personal world are his five children, each a precious part of his journey.

Let’s delve into the vibrant tapestry of Larry Hernandez’s family, understanding the unique bond he shares with his offspring.

Larry Hernandez’s Beloved Children: Names and Significance

larry hernandez children
larry hernandez children

Larry Hernandez, the revered figure in regional Mexican music and reality TV, is not just a celebrated artist but also a dedicated family man. Central to his personal life are his five children, each an integral part of his story.

Sons from Previous Marriage:

  1. Larry Jr. – The elder son from Larry’s previous marriage, sharing his father’s name, symbolizes continuity and heritage.
  2. Sebastian – Larry’s second son, adding his unique presence to the family’s history.

Daughters with Kenia Ontiveros:

  1. Daleyza – A name signifying strength and grace, reflecting the beauty and resilience of Larry’s family life.
  2. Dalary – Adding a distinctive touch to the family, representing love and individuality.
  3. Dalett – A unique and special addition, completing the trio of Larry’s daughters with its charm and significance.

Anticipated Fourth Child:

The Hernandez-Ontiveros family eagerly anticipates the arrival of their fourth child, whose name and significance will undoubtedly enrich the colorful tapestry of Larry’s loving family.

These children represent the joys and richness of Larry Hernandez’s life, showcasing the diversity and warmth of a united family. Each name resonates with its own unique significance, contributing to the vibrant and cherished world that Larry nurtures with immense love and devotion.

The Early Chapters: Sons from His Past Marriage

larry hernandez children
larry hernandez children

Larry Hernandez’s family story commences with his first marriage to Isabel Hernandez, which blessed him with two sons, Larry Jr. and Sebastian. These young boys represent the early chapters of Larry’s fatherhood, marking the beginnings of his familial legacy.

Embracing New Beginnings: Daughters with Kenia Ontiveros

Following a new chapter in his life, Larry found love again and tied the knot with Kenia Ontiveros. Together, they’ve been blessed with three beautiful daughters, each adding a unique hue to the canvas of Larry’s fatherly love. Their names – Daleyza, Dalary, and Dalett – resonate with warmth and joy, shaping a dynamic household of love and laughter.

A Glimpse into the Future: Expanding the Family

The Hernandez-Ontiveros household is brimming with love and anticipation as Kenia is expecting their fourth child. This imminent addition exemplifies the perpetuation of their endearing family saga, where each new member contributes to the vibrant mosaic of their lives.

Larry’s Devotion to His Children

Larry Hernandez’s devotion to his children transcends his public persona, showcasing a man dedicated to both his art and his family. His social media and public appearances often reflect his commitment and love for his kids, portraying a genuine and heartwarming image of fatherhood.


In summary, Larry Hernandez’s life is enriched by the presence of his five children, two sons from a previous marriage and three daughters with his current wife. This endearing mix of sons and daughters weaves the very fabric of Larry’s life, painting a beautiful picture of a devoted father whose love knows no bounds.

Larry Hernandez’s family is a testament to the enduring power of love, unity, and the unbreakable bond between a father and his children. As Larry’s journey continues, so does the ever-evolving tale of his cherished family, a vibrant and essential part of his compelling narrative.

This article celebrates the richness of Larry Hernandez’s family life, offering a glimpse into the world of a loving father and his adored children.

Remember, behind every celebrated public figure is a heartwarming story of family and love, and Larry Hernandez’s tale is no exception.

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