Top 50 Jim Kwik Quotes: You Didn’t Know About (2022)

Jim Kwik Quotes are amongst the best quotes when it comes to the learning space. If you are like me and you want to be inspired by this great guy then still close and get all these powerful quotes from Jim Kwik. 

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Who is Jim Kwik?

“Who is Jim Kwik?” is a question that comes to mind when you are wondering what the purpose of Jim Kwik’s life was.

During his lifetime, he knew exactly who he was and what he wanted out of life. He had an unquenchable desire to learn everything there was to know about speed reading.

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He attended countless seminars and read many books on the subject. He tried every speed reading training program that was available. But, he soon found that most of them were full of fluff and junk.

Finally, one day, he came across a “system” that changed his life forever. T

his system changed his life from being a man who could not get through a book faster than one page a minute, to becoming the fastest reader in the world––reading books at speeds up to 6,000 words per minute!

Is Jim Kwik His Real Name?

The truth is that we don’t really know if Jim Kwik is his real name. And the reason why is because he doesn’t mention it on his website which would be a good place to start looking.

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Some people suggest that Jim Kwik is a fake name and that he’s actually called James Kwik, but this is just speculation.

He could have changed his name but it seems unlikely as he’s been involved in the hypnosis community for such a long time.

Is Jim Kwik Course Legit?

Well, I’m certainly not going to tell you that you can’t learn from Jim Kwik. I

n fact, I’ll say this – if you want to master speed reading, I would recommend that you go straight to his website and sign up for his free video course.

However, in my opinion, there is a better way of running things and that is with a personal coach. There are several reasons for this and here are just a couple of them:

1) A coach will be able to monitor your progress over time whereas Jim Kwik’s course is designed so that you can work on it as and when you like in your own time.

A coach will be able to see whether or not you are really applying the techniques or whether they have just become part of your daily routine.

2) You will have someone there for you who can answer any questions about how the course works as well as provide support and encouragement along the way.

In my opinion, a coach provides much more than just an online training course.

They put their reputation on the line when they recommend someone else’s product so they tend to offer a better level of service than someone who only has their reputation at stake.

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Best 50 Jim Kwik Quotes

  1. The brain doesn’t learn through consumption; it learns through the creation
  2. It’s not how smart you are, but how are you smart
  3. Knowledge is not power. It only has the potential to be power. You can read this book and learn everything in it, but if you don’t take it and apply the knowledge, it will be useless.
  4. When you learn new ways how to learn, the challenge of learning new things can be fun, easier, and more enjoyable.
  5. Creating the life you want can be scary. But you know what’s scarier? Regret. One day we will take our final breaths and not one of the other people’s opinions or your fears will matter. What will matter is how we lived.
  6. People who know their purpose in life know who they are, what they are, and why they are. And when you know yourself, it becomes easier to live a life that’s true to your core values.
  7. Finding your passion is about giving yourself novelty and putting yourself in a new environment to see what lights you up.
  8. The life you live in the lessons you teach. Be limitless.
  9. Be too optimistic to scare, too positive to doubt, and too determined to be defeated.
  10. “f you want to know what’s truly important to someone, watch where they put their time, energy, and focus
  11. Be yourself and you will feel at home anywhere
  12. Sometimes it takes only one person to change your life. One who is there for you encourages you, believes in you. If you haven’t yet met this person, be this person for someone else” – Jim Kwik
  13. When you stop chasing the wrong things you give the right things a chance to catch you.
  14. The most important thing is to keep the most important thing the most important thing
  15. Stop your busy day, take a moment to breathe as you mean it
  16. Dear Men, Close your eyes, Imagine you have a daughter. Imagine she is dating a guy just like you. Did you smile? No. Then Change.
  17. I’m not impressed by your looks, money, status, job title, or number of followers. I’m impressed by the way you treat other human beings
  18. We need to understand how our minds work so we can work our minds better
  19. It’s not about mental intelligence, it’s about mental fitness
  20. Being limitless is a choice, and that choice is entirely yours, regardless of your circumstances. You can choose to give up this power, but why would you when you know that you can truly live a life without barriers?
  21. We’re not born with pre-installed mindsets about what we’re capable of achieving—we learn these fixed and limited ways of thinking from the people in our lives and the culture we experience growing up.
  22. If knowledge is power, learning is your superpower
  23. If you argue for your limitations, you get to keep them
  24. Learning is not a spectator sport
  25. What you practice in private, you’re rewarded for in public
  26. We all have vast potential inside of us, untapped levels of strength, intelligence, and focus, and the key to activating these superpowers is limiting yourself.
  27. All of us can be the heroes of our own story, dipping into the well of our potential every single day and never having that well run dry. But so few of us approach our lives this way
  28. One of my core beliefs is that human potential is one of the only infinite resources we have in the world. Almost everything else is finite, but the human mind is the ultimate superpower—there is no limit to our creativity, imagination, determination, or ability to think, reason, or learn.
  29. Often when you put a label on someone or something, you create a limit—the label becomes the limitation.
  30. When you do what others won’t, you can live how others can’t.
  31. Remember, one step in a better direction can completely change your destination.
  32. Becoming limitless is not just about accelerated learning, speed-reading, and having an incredible memory. Yes, you will learn how to do all of that and more. But being limitless is not about being perfect. It’s about progressing beyond what you currently believe is possible.
  33. Much of the technology available to us today is so new that we don’t know the level at which we need to control our interaction with it.
  34. Staying connected may make us feel more secure, but it doesn’t make us happier.
  35. We are all superheroes in one way or another.
  36. Conscious awareness is the first part of solving a problem.
  37. If learning is making new connections, then remembering is maintaining and sustaining those connections.
  38. Our brains are what separate us from the rest of the animal kingdom.
  39. You get to decide what kind of environment your superpower lives in: one that supports your mission in life or one that distracts you from your greatest dreams.
  40. Your time is one of your greatest assets. It’s the one thing you can’t get back.
  41. It may seem as if it would take superhuman capabilities to keep up with the demands of our current reality. But you already have a hidden superpower: your brain.
  42. Limiting beliefs are often revealed in our self-talk, that inner conversation that focuses on what you’re convinced you can’t do rather than what you already excel at and what you’re going to continue to achieve today and into the future.
  43. Our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we must be accountable for who we become.
  44. You’re being lied to. Constantly. Sometimes by yourself. We are all subject to an endless stream of misinformation about our constraints to our capabilities, and we receive this information so often that most of us have no other choice than to believe it.
  45. It’s not how smart you are; it’s how you are smart.
  46. There is no such thing as failure. Only failure to learn.
  47. Mistakes don’t mean failure. Mistakes are a sign that you are trying something new. You might think you have to be perfect, but life is not about comparing yourself to anyone else; it’s about measuring yourself compared to who you were yesterday.
  48. When you learn from your mistakes, they have the power to turn you into something better than you were before.
  49. Feedback is the breakfast of superheroes
  50. Get up and Move


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