Importance of Spiritual Awareness for Organizational Excellence


Spirituality refers to a religious process of re-formation that “aims to recover the original shape of man”, oriented at “the image of God” as exemplified by the founders and sacred texts of the religions of the world.

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Spirituality is, basically, understanding oneself to the extent of the deepest core of life. Spirituality is not the same thing, as religion is.

Bond religion is a set of beliefs, rules, and procedures enforced by the external environment, while spirituality is basically the opposite; these are a set of philosophies, rules, and guidelines coming from inside the soul, inside the core of self.

Thus, Spiritual awareness denotes a type of intelligence that comes from within.

It is a prevailed concept that there is a notion of multiple intelligences. Howard Gardner lists different types of multiple intelligence, i.e.

  • Linguistic intelligence,
  • Logic-mathematical intelligence,
  • Musical intelligence,
  • Spatial intelligence
  • Intrapersonal intelligence
  • Naturalistic intelligence
  • Digital intelligence
  • Moral intelligence and
  • Existential intelligence.

Multiple intellectualizes is an idea that maintains that there exist, many types of intelligence suitable for human beings.

Importance of Spiritual Awareness for Organizational Excellence
Importance of Spiritual Awareness for Organizational Excellence Importance of Spiritual Awareness for Organizational Excellence


Gardner suggests that each person can be refined in subsequent varying levels of different bits of intelligence, and thus each person can be refined in subsequent years.

Spiritually at the workplace has a positive impact on the bottom line of a company and spiritually brings a sense of commitment to one’s work.

Companies do not require money to kindle inspiration, but a live example. People are not moved by principles and philosophies, but by examples.

Every organization should have a person who can uplift the spirit and encourage people in trying times.

Such persons are spiritual leaders within the organizations and that is the reason why organizations should strive for spiritual leadership in the workplace.

Spiritual leaders have the inherent capacities to lead the team effectively. A new organization needs a high level of Intelligence Quotient to make smooth, logical, and rational relationships with the already set structure and functions of the environment.

It also requires a moderate Emotional Quotient to survive in turbulent, changing times.

But as the organization matures, it requires more people with a high level of Spiritual Quotient rather than if you are in a new organization.

At the entry-level of an employee in an organization, the most required trait is high I.Q, and it can be tested also, but when the employee goes higher up in the level, then Spiritual Quotient is more required.

Importance of Spiritual Awareness for Organizational Excellence
Importance of Spiritual Awareness for Organizational Excellence


Features of Spiritual Leader

Motivating and igniting people: motivating people to such an extent that the employees want to do work from the inner core of self, i.e. awaking the inner soul of the employees so that they try to realize their potential.

Self-awareness: the individual is more conscious of oneself as a non-material being, a source of many tangible and intangible talents, previously undiscovered.

Organizational awareness: spiritually intelligent leader knows, better, what the vision of this organization is and how it can be achieved.

Social skills: spiritually intelligent leader knows what different types of people are present and how one has to act with different sets of people.

Innovation: spiritually intelligent leaders are accepting changes only on account of creativity and innovation which is coming from within.

Teamwork: spiritually intelligent leader motivates people to work in a team and there is a likelihood of less conflict and confusion in a team.

Human resources development: once the employees is willing to work hard, willing, he/ she is on the pathway of self-training which will naturally lead to human resources development.

Effect of Intelligent Leadership with Spiritually

Learning organization: with the light of spiritual leader. The organization can easily transform into a learning organization, where everyone in the organization wants to learn and grow and learning becomes a culture/ habit in the organization.

Vision, value, and culture of the organization: Vision determines the future and direction of the organization.

It is the statement given by the spiritual leader which guides the value and culture of the organization.

For example, JRD Tata once said, “Get the best people and make them free”. This thought of JRD Tata has inculcated the spirit of freedom in the above group, which is one of the country’s best organizations. Leading organizations have their

Talent engagement and management: a spiritually intelligent leader will recruit, maintain and develop a spiritually intelligent workforce, which can make the organization Excel in line with the vision.

Values statement which they develop and practice and make their culture.

Importance of Spiritual Awareness for Organizational Excellence
Importance of Spiritual Awareness for Organizational Excellence


Increase in organization’s capacity for tolerance and adaptation: with the spiritually intelligent leadership, the organization achieves more capacity for tolerance towards uncertainty and their workforce understand that change is very much important for organizational excellence.


Spiritual awareness is the soul’s intelligence, the intelligence of the whole. It is even said Spiritual Quotient is the basic foundation for the effective use of the Emotional Quotient and Intelligence Quotient.

People having a high Spiritual Quotient can lead an organization in a better way.

Although there is a lack of measurement standards for the Spiritual Quotient, still organizations can take care of those people having a high Spiritual Quotient with the help of identifying the characteristics given above.

Thus, the use of Spiritual awareness as an important resource (Spiritual capital) will take the organization towards holistic organizational excellence.

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