How To Manifest Someone To Think About You: The Perfect Guide(2022)πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

How will you feel if you know how to manifest someone to think about you? Can this be possible? Is it alright to manifest someone to think about you and how is it done?

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These are some of the questions we will manifest in this blog post. We will take you through step-by-step guides to know how to manifest someone to think about you.

Let’s get started

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What is Manifestation

There are numerous definitions for the term manifest, but the most basic is that it is “anything that is pushed into your physical world through your thoughts, feelings, and ideas.”

How To Manifest Someone To Think About You
How To Manifest Someone To Think About You

This means that anything you put your attention on becomes your reality.


Meditation, visualization, or simply your conscious or subconscious mind can help you focus and manifest.

Wrong Ways We Manifest

Now, mostly when we think about manifestation mostly, we tend to think out our own selfish interests.

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The human mind wants everything but as an agent of love, you need to tame the mind to only have thoughts of what will not just benefit you but will benefit everyone.

Why Do You want the Person to text you?

Mostly when we want someone to text us, it’s because we have missed them and it is making us anxious or uneasy.

Remember that as we studied in the post β€œHow to manifest someone to miss you” that, the frequency you carry before and after a manifestation is very important.


Now being anxious or uneased is an example of negative energy that will not only destroy the manifestation but rather will bring opposites or negative manifestations you don’t want to you.

I like to put it this way, your frequency is your currency for manifestation. If you pay well then you get the right product but if you don’t pay well then you will get the product you don’t want at all.

You will have to come up with the right currency (frequency) to purchase the right products you want.

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Now that you understand this let get started.

If you are the one missing them and want them to be the one to rather a text you know that it will not work even make them go very far away from you physically and emotionally


How To Manifest Someone To Think About You

  • Make A List Of What You Want And Why You Want It.

Being clear on what you want and why you want it is the first step towards manifesting someone to think about you.

You’re sending mixed messages to the Universe if you’re not clear about what you desire. As a result, you will encounter negative consequences.

Remember that a jumbled message will never obtain a straight answer.

Journaling is the most effective technique to obtain clarity about your desires. So, get your journal out and compose a list of everything you want to attract into your life, as well as the reasons why.


Because your “why” impacts whether you attract happy or negative situations, be as clear as possible.

If you want someone to think about you for a negative purpose, such as loneliness, desperation, or jealousy, you will get unfavorable consequences. Because you manifest from a state of shortage and “need,” your manifestation may not happen.

Your manifestation will take place if your wish to manifest someone thinking about you is backed up by positive energy, such as happiness and joy.

  • Imagine Them Sending You A Text Message.

How To Manifest Someone To Think About You
How To Manifest Someone To Think About You

Practicing visualization is the second step in manifesting yourself into someone’s thinking.

You will receive back whatever energy and focus you send out into the Universe.

Visualization, which is one of the best manifestation techniques known, is the ideal approach to get into the sensation of love and get someone to think about you.


Find a quiet spot where you may be alone without being interrupted for this practice. Also, put your phone on airplane mode or turn it off.

To calm your mind and body, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Visualize your desire and how amazing it makes you feel, using what you wrote down in step one.

Imagine receiving a text message from this individual the next morning, telling you that they can’t stop thinking about you. Consider how you’ll feel when you’ve completed it.


When it comes to manifesting, this is the type of energy you want to be around.

According to the Law of Attraction, you will attract experiences that match your energy when you are happy, joyous, and loving. Use visualization to swiftly increase your vibration back to positive emotions when your limiting beliefs start to take hold.

  • Get Rid of Your Limiting Thoughts

Beliefs that limit us keep us from realizing our greatest potential. You’re considerably more prone to acquire restrictive ideas about your abilities and future possibilities of success if you think you’re not good enough.

How To Manifest Someone To Think About You
How To Manifest Someone To Think About You

These beliefs form our self-perception, which can lead to emotions of worthlessness or hopelessness.

When trying to manifest, some frequent limiting ideas include:

  1. I don’t think I’m up to the task.
  2. This is exactly how I need things to happen.
  3. My desires are unworthy of me.
  4. I can’t make him/her think of me in any manner.
  5. It’s just not going to happen because we haven’t spoken in years.

While many of these beliefs are affected by others, such as parents, teachers, and friends, they do not have to be true! By participating in positive self-talk and modifying our thinking patterns, we may break away from these negative thoughts.

  • Affirmations Should Be Used Regularly.

How To Manifest Someone To Think About You
How To Manifest Someone To Think About You

Reciting positive affirmations is the next step in manifesting someone special to think about you all the time.

Affirmations are a powerful tool for overcoming self-limiting thoughts and/or the manifestation process. To combat negative thinking, positive comments or phrases are employed.

Start with this beginner’s guide to using affirmations if you’re new to them.

Here are some affirmations that you can speak out loud:

  1. I am open to receiving and giving love.
  2. I am deserving of a passion that is both caring and gratifying.
  3. I am deserving of love.
  4. I’m proud of myself.
  5. I adore myself for who I am and accept myself as I am.
  6. I have faith in the fact that love will find me.
  7. True love begins on the inside.
  8. All beings, everywhere, receive love from my heart.
  9. I’m drawing in a genuine connection.
  10. Friends, family, and loved ones adore and cherish me.
  11. I’m manifesting a wonderful, healthy relationship.
  12. I can offer and receive a limitless amount of love.
  13. I give out a positive vibe.
  14. I’m attracting a lot of love into my life.
  15. I find love wherever I go.
  16. Divine Love is the essence of who I am.
  17. Love pours through me and radiates over the planet because I am connected to Universal Energy.
  18. The love I’m looking for is looking for me.
  19. Deep, earth-shattering, soul-shaking love is attracted to me.
  20. I have faith in my heart to lead me to real love.
  21. I’ve let go of all my old hurts and am ready to be vulnerable in love once more.
  22. I prefer love to fear.
  23. Love is a white light that surrounds me and heals me.
  24. I’m attracted to a caring, compassionate, and kind companion.
  25. For my friends and family, I provide acceptance, support, and love.
  26. I forgive my family members for any wrongdoings they have committed against me, and I extend love and healing to my complete bloodline.
  27. My inner self is in good shape, my heart is loyal, and my love is unwavering.
  28. I feel completely accepted for who I am.
  29. I have a lot of love inside of me that I’d like to share with others.
  30. Others value my affection.
  31. I’m all set to meet my true love.
  32. Every day is an opportunity to develop in love.
  33. The way to true love is now open to me.
  34. The Universe is made up of love.
  35. The love I desire from others must first be nurtured within myself.
  36. My love is lovely, passionate, and intense.
  37. Offering love and compassion, even when I am hurt, is always the proper thing to do.
  38. My connections are positive and serve the best interests of everyone involved.
  39. To be loved, I don’t have to do anything.
  40. The richness of love in my life nourishes my soul.
  41. I believe in the power of love.
  42. I’m prepared for love to transform my life.
  43. With my loved ones, I am honestly open, vulnerable, and trustworthy.

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You’ll probably grin or chuckle aloud if you speak these affirmations out loud, thinking you’re insane. This is beneficial since affirmations should be linked to happiness and positive feelings.

The most essential thing to remember when utilizing positive affirmations is that it is all about how you feel. When affirmations make you feel good about yourself, they are most effective.


Affirmations should not merely be said for the sake of saying them. Choose a handful that resonates with you and imagine how you’d feel if you followed through with the affirmation.

You could even come up with your own affirmations! You are the only one who truly understands you and your position.

  • Set And Forget

How To Manifest Someone To Think About You
How To Manifest Someone To Think About You

The final stage in getting someone to think about you is to just let go and trust the Universe.

That’s true, you must separate yourself from the outcome and cease to care whether or not they think about you.

Many people make the error of being fixated on the desired outcome rather than letting go of it.


They are always contemplating their specific person, whether or not their manifestation was successful, and when it will occur.

This is a massive no-no because it effectively undoes all of your prior work. Worry, pessimism, and preoccupation all decrease your vibration and cause you to be out of tune with the Universe.

Believe that the Universe’s plan always outweighs yours and is always for the best.


Trust that they’ve been thinking about you, even if they don’t reach out to you or if you don’t have tangible proof.

In Summary

Because the Law of Attraction knows no limitations, creating someone to think about you is conceivable, contrary to conventional thought.

With that out of the way, you now know how to manifest yourself into someone’s mind!

Clear your mind, envision, release any limiting beliefs, say positive affirmations, and then let go.

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