How To Manifest Good Grades: Easiest Strategy You Don’t Know🎓🎓🎓

Do you know How To Manifest Good Grades? Most students think of how to make good grades once they start schooling.

Are you in school and in dire need of good grades but you’re yielding bad nuts?

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Well, maybe there’s something you’re not doing that the other person who’s getting good grades is doing.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to manifest good grades.


What Are Good Grades?

How To Manifest Good Grades
How To Manifest Good Grades

Many a time when we talk about good grades, people set their minds to the ‘As’ and higher percentages scored in an exam or test.

However, there’s more to what good grades are than the ‘As’ and higher percentages we assume.


Good grades are reflections of clear comprehension of learning materials and hard work and massive efforts by a student.

If you really understand what is being taught in class and by continuous revision, you can get good grades.

Ideally, good students get good grades and good grades reflect in the GPA and CGPA of students.

Someone could be academically inclined but maybe not be getting the grades expected of him.

Such people tend to be frustrated a lot because they feel they’re not getting what they deserve.

Perhaps there’s something they’re not doing but they haven’t given it a thought.

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Why You’re Not Getting Good Grades

How You Can Manifest Good Grades
How You Can Manifest Good Grades

You’re not participating in class.

How You Can Manifest Good Grades
How You Can Manifest Good Grades

Yes, this may sound basic and placid but very factual.


Participating does not necessarily mean answering all questions in class but engaging in whatever the tutor is delivering- where engaging here means taking notes of minor things that may have been left out in the textbook but the tutor is mentioning them and asking questions when you don’t get a concept.

Some students just sit in the class because they want their attendance to be taken and for others to know they are punctual which makes them spectators of the class.

You’re not taking your assignments seriously.

A teacher may decide to give an assignment after a class session to know whether the students understood what he taught.

It turns out that some students do not do the assignments, others make their friends do it for them and the others do it shabbily.


At the end of the day, you realize the same questions the teacher gave as assignments are the ones he’s asking you to provide answers to during examinations.

Examination they say favors the full.

If you are not been fully abreast with what was taught during classes hours, you realize that you’re found wanting and end up doing abysmally during exams.

You’re always distracted.

Once your attention is divided as a student, you lose focus.

Distractions may come in the form of wanting to use your phone badly to check what’s up on Instagram or Snapchat.


Sometimes, problems from home or personal problems may distract you and make you unfocused on what you’re studying.

It’s best to try as much as possible to do away with these distractions so that you get a sound mind to study and get good grades for yourself.

What Bad Grades Could Cause

How You Can Manifest Good Grades
How You Can Manifest Good Grades

Ideally, if you’re not getting good grades then you begin to think you’re going down the drain.

Ever thought of what students who always get bad grades go through?

They may seem fine and unconcerned but they go through a lot. These are provisional issues of what they go through;

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Low self-esteem.

People who constantly produce bad grades have this low self-esteem about themselves that they can never be better.

They always have second thoughts about themselves, have an inner battle with themselves, and are unsure of what they are doing.

You realize that there’s this one person in your class who’s always getting low or bad grades but plays a lot and acts unconcerned.

Well, they could be covering it up but they end up thinking about their grades a lot, especially when examinations are drawing nigh.

Rejection in class or at home.

In a class or home where the majority of individuals around this person are good students, they tend to reject this one person and make him an exclusive of whatever they discuss because, after all, he or she is not going to help bring any good submission.

Sometimes, they are looked down upon and are not consulted when decisions are being made- even when it concerns them!

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How To Manifest Good Grades

How You Can Manifest Good Grades
How You Can Manifest Good Grades

We’ve discussed good grades, what they are, what one could be doing that is not making one gain the grades, and what bad grades could do to an individual.

Having said this, let’s delve into how we can manifest good grades.

To manifest good grades, these, when practiced will help you get the grades you desire- and, the list goes on and on.

  1. Set academic goals
  2. Meditation or visualization
  3. Do away with misconceptions
  4. Have an academic accountability partner
  5. Have a plan for the day

Set academic goals:

One of the questions that should run through your mind as you write or set your academic goals is why you’re undergoing the education.

Your answers to the why should be enough reasons to help you set the goal.

Do you want to complete school with a pass, third class or second class upper?


Pen down that goal! Be clear about what you want and do not set vague or unclear goals that seem unattainable.

Aside from setting the goals, you don’t just write them but you act upon them as a goal not acted upon is similar to not having a goal at all. The goals should be well detailed as well.

Meditation or visualization:

How You Can Manifest Good Grades
How You Can Manifest Good Grades

You should be able to visualize or have an image of what your academic history or life would be like.

You could set aside some days where you go to a quiet place to meditate on the goals you’ve written down and imagine yourself having or scoring good grades at the end of the semester or bagging a first-class degree at the end of your college education.

Having these meditations and visualizations will make you optimistic about the grades and ginger you to do more to attain them.

Whenever you feel down and have doubts about your academics, try the visualization process as they gear you towards the manifestation of good grades.

Do away with misconceptions:

Misconceptions are incorrect views or opinions that are based on unsound arguments or faulty thinking.

There are misconceptions about almost everything and concerning having good grades, a lot.

Some misconceptions are that you need to attend a particular school in order to attain good grades, you need to learn always and not play games in order to make good grades among others.

There are a lot of misconceptions to unlearn. Some people have misconceptions about themselves too.

Some think they are not smart or beautiful enough to attain some grades, others think that they have to come from a rich family in order to achieve good grades which are all mix-ups and must be corrected!

Need a simple way to deal with these misconceptions?

Let go and allow!


Have an academic accountability partner:

An accountability partner in general is someone who has the ability to aid or coach another person in terms of helping the other person keep a commitment he made.


In that, your academic accountability partner will help you execute all your academic goals.

Let’s say you have an assignment to submit tomorrow at 10 am.

The accountability partner will check up on you whether you have done the assignment and if possible, go through it with you so that they are devoid of mistakes.

Plan for the day

How You Can Manifest Good Grades
How You Can Manifest Good Grades

Before you begin your day, write down what you’ll do and keep them.

It could be a to-do list on your phone or your plan on a sticky note.

With that, you know what you’re doing at a point in time instead of doing things haphazardly or gallivanting.

Also, you always have in mind what to do and what not to do. While having the plan, avoid procrastination as well.
The list is not exhaustive and this is to say there’s more.


In Summary

In order to manifest good grades, have an academic accountability partner, have a plan for the day, set attainable academic goals, get rid of misconceptions, and meditate or visualize.


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