How To Identify Your Spiritual Gifts: Ultimate Guide


A spiritual gift is something God has selected particularly for you so that you can serve and use your distinctive aptitude to help grow the church on earth.

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What Are Spiritual Gifts?

God has chosen people to carry out his mission. He selected this path for reasons only he knows and comprehends.

From a human standpoint, we may question if this was the wisest move.

After all, the sky is the limit in terms of what God could have accomplished. He may have selected angels to communicate with lost mankind.

He surely employed them on a number of major instances throughout the Bible.

Alternatively, God may have established a distinct class of messengers who would never fail him—a “sin-proof” instrument that would faithfully broadcast his Word.

God, for that matter, might have just stuck his head through the sky and shouted, “Hello, world!” “I am God, and you aren’t!” God, on the other hand, has selected men and women to carry out his job among humanity.

As we desire to follow and be used by Jesus Christ, we must take advantage of what he has made available to us.

The gifts of the Spirit are one of the greatest treasures Jesus has bestowed on his church and on us as individuals.

How To Identify Your Spiritual Gifts
How To Identify Your Spiritual Gifts


Why has he bestowed these gifts? The Bible says about the essential role they play in the lives of believers:

Spiritual Gifts Allow Us to Grow in Christ’s Knowledge – Some individuals become sidetracked by spiritual abilities and become infatuated with them rather than with Jesus.

Signs and marvels begin to follow believers rather than believers following signs and wonders. This is indicative of spiritual immaturity.

Spiritual gifts are not the aim; they are only a means to an end. They are not toys to be played with; they are tools to be used in construction and weapons to be used in combat.

We will be more effective if we utilize them for God’s glory than our own.

Spiritual Gifts Must Be Employed. It is possible to squander a gift. However, by doing so, you defy God and deprive the church of a blessing.

As a result, we must make use of the gifts he has bestowed upon us. In fact, it must be an affront to God for us to dismiss a gift that his Holy Spirit has put in us by claiming that it isn’t significant enough to employ.

Each Spiritual Gift Has a Unique Place in Christ’s Body. Every gift that God has put in Christ’s body, the church, is significant.

Some gifts, like preaching, teaching, and prophecy, may appear to be more vital than others, like hospitality or service.

However, God has provided all of these abilities in order to develop his church. None of these gifts should be dismissed or taken carelessly.

How To Identify Your Spiritual Gifts
How To Identify Your Spiritual Gifts




The capacity to guide a church or ministry toward the effective achievement of God-given goals by abilities in planning, organization, and monitoring.


A person who is dispatched to new locations to spread the gospel. You’ve probably heard of missionaries traveling to other nations to help preach the Word; these people are known as apostles.

An apostle can also provide spiritual guidance and direction to other churches or ministries.


The ability to distinguish between truth and lies by accurately determining if a behavior or instruction is from God or another, ungodly source.


The capacity to successfully communicate the gospel message, particularly to nonbelievers.


The ability to provide encouragement, comfort, and support in order to assist someone in becoming all that God desires them to be.

How To Identify Your Spiritual Gifts
How To Identify Your Spiritual Gifts


  • FAITH:

People with this gift have such faith in God’s power and promises that they can remain firm in their faith no matter what tries to shake them. They may also protect and advance their beliefs by standing up for the church and their faith.

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Those who have this talent are especially eager and able to offer their resources with joy and without expecting them to be repaid.


God’s capacity to repair people, whether physically, emotionally, psychologically, or spiritually.

  • HELPS:

Someone with this gift can support or help members of the body of Christ so that they can minister to others.


The inherent capacity to make others, even strangers, feel at ease in one’s own home or church in order to instructor serve them.


This is the gift of someone who actively seeks to understand the Bible. This individual could also love examining scriptural data.


This ability identifies a person who can stand in front of a church, guide the congregation with care and attention, and motivate them to achieve the church’s goals.

  • MERCY:

This is the defining characteristic of someone who is sensitive to the plight of others. It shows up in the form of compassion and encouragement, as well as a desire to assist those in need.


The capacity to communicate God’s message to others. This can include foresight or visions of what is to come. This ability should only be used to convey encouragement or caution.

How To Identify Your Spiritual Gifts
How To Identify Your Spiritual Gifts




The ability to discern activities that need to be completed for the body of Christ and to use available resources to complete them.


The miraculous capacity to communicate in a different tongue (one that has not been learned).


The ability to teach from the Bible and effectively transmit it for the comprehension and spiritual progress of others.


The ability to filter through facts and data to determine what needs to be done for the church.

It should be mentioned that not every Christian thinks that God still bestows all of these spiritual abilities.

Some believe that some talents, like speaking in tongues, were passed down just for a time when they were required in biblical history and are no longer required now.

How Do I Know What My Spiritual Gifts Are?

1. Nurture Your Spirituality 2. Identify what gives you hope and joy 3. Find inspiration in nature 4. Connect with your body 5. Spend time in contemplation and reflection 6. Practice self-care

What Are The 9 Spiritual Gifts?

The nine gifts of the Holy Spirit are: 1. Wisdom 2. Understanding 3. Counsel 4. Fortitude 5. Knowledge 6. Piety 7. Fear of the Lord 8. Miraculous powers 9. Prophecy.

How Do You Know You Have A Gift?

If you feel the urge to connect with the spirits, then it may be because you were born with a gift like this. This feeling may come suddenly or slowly; it depends on each person's case. The sudden change in your personality can also be a sign that you have received a gift from the spirits' world.

How Do I Activate Prophetic Gift?

There are three primary ways to activate the gift of prophecy. They are: 1. Pray in the Spirit 2. Speak out what you see and hear 3. Hold fast to your prophetic word

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