How To Grow Spiritually With Your Partner: The Ultimate Guide


How to grow spiritually with your partner? Even in a relationship, there comes a time when our partner no longer feels as spiritually connected as he or she once did.

Maybe we start seeing defects in other individuals and question if we’d be happy with them. And, once again, the relationship begins to deteriorate gradually.

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What if you could ensure a lasting spark – regardless of who you were with — and a happier life to go with it? While relationship counsel will not work miracles for you, there is another option.

What Is A Spiritual Connection?

When you have a spiritual connection with a partner, you are allies in personal growth. You want to work together to become your best selves and commit to helping and loving each other, as well as those around you.

Here are some ways we’ve been able to spiritually develop together that may improve your marriage as well. Some of these may surprise you.

How To Grow Spiritually With Your Partner
How To Grow Spiritually With Your Partner


1. Go On A Dangerous Expedition Together.

Take a trip to a different city or do something new, such as jet skiing or scuba diving. New experiences provide new opportunities for discussion about what you value, as well as times for reflection on your life together.

Are you both content and yearning for more? Deviating from the routines of daily life allows people to more clearly define what they require.

New experiences provide opportunities for meaningful connection—both practically and spiritually—as you break out from the patterns that you rely on during the week.

2. Join A Small Group That Challenges You To Think.

Choose a small group ministry at your church that you may attend together. The weekly—or monthly—opportunity to talk about God with others, read the Bible together, and discuss spiritual concerns may spark significant questions and conversations that flood into your household.

Michael and I have had several chats about God and our spiritual journeys that were sparked by a small group debate. A small group offers a continuous time for spiritual growth, and when you go together, you grow together.

How To Grow Spiritually With Your Partner
How To Grow Spiritually With Your Partner


3. Have Some Sex

Marital intimacy is a strong spiritual connecting agent, and regular, healthy sex binds you to your partner like nothing else can.

Sex is spiritually potent because it is intended to lead to deeper closeness, not just with your partner but also with God.

In the bedroom, closeness may assist create spiritual intimacy, and vice versa.

4. Have A Spiritual “Check-in” Question Every day.

This question can be as specific or as wide as you like. A constant inquiry to help you touch base will help you feel connected to each other’s spiritual journeys.

“Where do you sense God is at work in your life?” for example. “How did you feel God’s grace today?” or “How did you experience God’s grace today?” are excellent ways to start a meaningful, spiritual conversation.

5. Fight… And Then Makeup.

I am not advising you to provoke disputes in your marriage in order to generate opportunities for growth! However, arguments are unavoidable in every intimate relationship.

When handled properly in marriage, disagreement may lead to spiritual connection by initiating a discussion about what is causing the suffering that has risen.

Fights frequently begin as a result of personal brokenness or a lack of feeling understood. You may connect profoundly if you can get past the anger and talk about where the suffering actually comes from.

Being able to reconcile properly necessitates a continual sense of humility. You must regularly (perhaps hourly!) repent for your own sins and repeatedly choose to forgive your spouse.

However, if you offer and receive forgiveness as freely as Christ has forgiven you (Colossians 3:13, Ephesians 4:32), you may cultivate a climate of reconciliation and trust—a fertile ground for spiritual connection with your spouse.

How To Grow Spiritually With Your Partner
How To Grow Spiritually With Your Partner


6. Be Missional—As A Group.

Choose a ministry in your church that requires your assistance and serve alongside it. Volunteering in the preschool Sunday school class once a month will almost certainly offer you lots of inside jokes and fun in your marriage that you would not have otherwise!

Similarly, participating in your church’s praise team or choir, or tutoring together within an after-school program, will strengthen your spiritual link.

Working on a common purpose with your spouse—something most of us never get to do in our day jobs—can be lovely and powerful for your marriage.

You get to view your spouse in a new way, and you get to work together to spread God’s kingdom. What could be more lovely than that?

7. Take A Literary Approach.

Together, read a devotional or a Christian book. You can read one chapter at a time and then debate it (books with discussion questions included work well).

Alternatively, you might read the book aloud to one another, pausing to discuss the material as you go.

If you travel frequently, try getting the book on audio and then discussing your views after 10 or 15 minutes of listening.

How To Grow Spiritually With Your Partner
How To Grow Spiritually With Your Partner


8. Assist A Younger Couple.

Mentoring a newly married or engaged couple (or just a younger couple) will not only bless them but will also enhance your own marriage.

It’s almost unavoidable: As you assist other couples in working through issues and concerns in their relationships, you get the chance to reflect on your own marriage.

From addressing their inquiries to sharing your own tales of marital triumphs and mistakes, talking freely with people about how you’ve developed as a couple is a fantastic opportunity to spiritually grow together.

9. Pray With And For One Another.

Praying together functions as spiritual glue, and it is frequently a powerful method to glimpse your spouse’s heart before the Lord.

It doesn’t have to be long or elaborate, but set aside time to pray together, whether it’s before going to bed at night, before breakfast, or over the phone during a lunch break.

Do not be afraid to ask your spouse for specific prayer requests. I’m occasionally startled when I ask Michael what he most wants prayer for.

I may believe he requires prayer for one reason when his heart seeks prayer for another.

How To Grow Spiritually With Your Partner
How To Grow Spiritually With Your Partner


10. Attend A Retreat Or Seminar As A Group.

Setting aside a weekend to attend a retreat can provide several chances for personal development.

Getting out of the home, changing your routine, engaging in worship, listening to fresh teaching, and participating in prayer times may all offer up new pathways for spiritual discourse between you and your spouse.

You may even travel to a Christian marriage retreat to concentrate particularly on developing your connection.

Whatever way you choose to grow spiritually with your spouse, the primary aim is to select something to do together on purpose.

You (and I) will not develop spiritually in marriage without effort and purposeful steps toward such growth, just as you do not advance in any ability without practice and time.

Making the decision to devote time and attention to the development of your marriage can benefit not only you but also your spouse and family.

The good news is that you’re not alone in your desire to grow spiritually with your spouse—God wants it for you. He will assist you in your quest for his presence, truth, and love in your marriage.

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How Do I Connect Spiritually With My Partner?

7 Ways to Develop a Spiritual Bond with Your Partner 1. Religious and spiritual ties. 2. Align your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical selves. 3. Self-Reflection. 4. Have In-Depth Discussions. 5. Create Your Own Daily Spiritual Practice. 6. Make Time for Intimacy on a Regular Basis. 7. Determine the Relationship's Primary Intention.

How Can I Grow Spiritually With My Boyfriend?

How to Deepen Your Spiritual Connection with Your Partner 1. Make a higher commitment. 2. Be the type of companion you want. 3. Cleanse yourself of previous relationships. 4. Recognize and embrace change as an opportunity to progress. 5. Develop a daily meditation practice. 6. Get some exercise every day. 7. Face your demons - both personally and collectively.

What Are The 4 Types Of Intimacy?

The four sorts of intimacy that you should cultivate in order to develop a more holistic connection and closeness with your partner are as follows: 1. Emotional closeness. 2. Intimacy in thought. 3. Intimacy through experience. 4. Intimacy with God.

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