Getting In Touch With Spirituality


Getting in touch with spirituality is a beautiful thing that has to be mastered by anyone seeking answers.

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What Is Spirituality?

It’s also a word that gets tossed about a lot, and I’m a firm believer that it may signify something different to everyone.

It means feeling linked to my deepest self, the surrounding environment, and a higher purpose to me.

According to that concept, I’ve gotten increasingly spiritual throughout the years, and I can’t tell you how much joy and growth it’s brought into my life.

That progress hasn’t always been simple; to be honest, it’s been a hard and wonderful trip.

Overall, I’ve discovered that spirituality has provided several advantages to my health, relationships, self-esteem, business, and so on.

While spirituality is not for everyone, the following ten methods to connect with your spiritual side are fantastic things to do.

Whether you consider yourself spiritual or not, these strategies can help you clear your mind, focus, and make breakthroughs in all aspects of your life.

Getting In Touch With Spirituality
Getting In Touch With Spirituality


1. Meditation

Let me begin with my personal fave. More than anything else, meditation has helped me connect with my spiritual side. What I like about meditation is that there are so many methods to practice it.

Several folks I know utilize golf as a kind of meditation. Meditation seemed to me to be more of the traditional “sitting with my eyes closed in a profound trance” type of thing.

The key to meditation is to discover a technique that pulls you into the present moment – whatever that may be.

If you want to learn more about how to meditate and are searching for a good place to start, I usually recommend Headspace as a fantastic place to start.

2. Feel

One part of spirituality that is sometimes forgotten is the significance of feeling whatever feelings arise.

Being spiritual does not imply that you are unaffected by the hardships of being human – rather the contrary. When we accept our feelings, no matter how painful they are, we begin to develop.

To connect with your spiritual side, I ask you to engage with the things that are vying for your attention rather than avoiding them. Feel them, recognize them, and then let them go.

Getting In Touch With Spirituality
Getting In Touch With Spirituality


3. Get Outside And Enjoy Nature.

Going out in nature and simply observing is a wonderful method for me to connect with myself and the world around me.

Life may be so hectic at times that we forget to appreciate the beauty around us and be glad to be alive. So, if you want to connect with your spirituality more, go outside (1).

If you want to take it a step further, go to a park, backyard, or wherever there is grass and sit with your hands and feet firmly planted on the ground.

This is known as grounding, and I’ve found it to be an excellent technique for bringing me into the present moment and feeling connected to everything around me.

The alternate stance for grounding yourself is shown below. The key to grounding is to feel at ease and connected to the Earth in whichever way works best for you.

Getting In Touch With Spirituality
Getting In Touch With Spirituality


4. Gratitude

Gratitude is one of those things that you can do anytime, and anywhere you choose, and it can do wonders for your mental health.

Journaling is my favorite method to incorporate this practice into my life. Every morning, I jot down three (or more) things for which I am thankful. It makes no difference whether they are large or little.

You’ve certainly heard it before: beginning (or finishing) your days with thankfulness is one of the most potent ways to start tuning into your spirituality.

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5. Help Others

Nothing makes me happier than knowing I’m helping people in some manner.

When I’m feeling depressed or want to reconnect with my mission, I ask myself what I can do for others.

Taking time for oneself to contemplate, meditate, ground, and so on is fantastic, but so is assisting others and knowing that your presence is supporting a larger cause. This will boost your self-esteem and, yes, your spiritual side.

Getting In Touch With Spirituality
Getting In Touch With Spirituality


6. See The Good In Others

Seeing the good in people, like the last point, is a fantastic discipline to put into practice. Or, to put it another way, having gratitude for them.

Assume you have an important appointment with someone you don’t particularly like coming up. This might be a client, a coworker, or anybody else.

Rather than dreading the encounter and thinking about all the things you dislike about that person, adjust your mentality and start focusing on a few of the qualities you enjoy about them (even if it feels challenging).

Not only will this make you feel lighter and more hopeful in general, but it will also assist with your thankfulness practice and guarantee a better outcome from your encounter.

7. Take Good Care Of Your Body

This might be the most significant for all elements of you, such as your general health and spirit.

When you take care of your body by feeding it good meals, drinking lots of water, exercising (you don’t need me to remind you how essential exercise is for your health), and listening to what it needs, you begin to honor it.

And, as a result, feel more appreciative of it. After all, your body is an extraordinary vessel that allows you to experience all life has to offer, thus appreciating that vessel is one of the most spiritual acts you can perform.


8. Make Contact With Like-Minded Individuals.

What could be better than being spiritual? Having someone (or a group) with whom to share your spirituality! (3) There are several avenues to meet like-minded spiritual people thanks to the Internet.

This might be done through social media (Facebook groups, YouTube channels, Instagram profiles, and so on) or even through physical locations in your neighborhood.

You might visit spiritual stores in your city or seek spiritual activities in your area. The possibilities are limitless, and all of these activities are excellent ways to connect with people via shared experiences and feel less alone.

9. Accept The Existing Situation.

If you’ve read Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now or A New Earth, you’ll understand what I’m saying. Spirituality is essentially about learning to be at peace with the present moment.

So much of the time, we are preoccupied with things over which we have no control, either in the past or in the future, and this distracts us from what is occurring immediately in front of us.


10. Do The Things That Make You Happy On The Inside.

Last but not least, prioritize finding time for activities that make you happy on the inside. Or, to put it another way, the things that make you feel the most alive and connected to yourself or the world around you.

For me, this is spending time with my family, improving my yoga practice, and guiding my amazing clients and students.

I’m lucky in that the work I get to do every day is what makes me happy on the inside. Don’t worry if that isn’t the case for you just yet.

Make it a priority to include such activities in your life, and your spiritual side will flourish.

How do I get closer to spirituality?

Meditation. Some people find that the act of quieting their mind and focusing on their breathing leads them to a more spiritual place. Prayer. Some people find that praying leads them to a better understanding of the world and their relationship with it, which can be called spiritual. Exercise. Some people find that regular exercise — often religious in nature — helps them get closer to spirituality. Physical activity is thought by some to help quiet the mind and allow one to become closer to oneself and, therefore, more spiritual.

How do I start spirituality?

1. Begin with a sincere intention to learn. 2. Ask questions of those who have gone before you. 3. Study the sacred texts of your own religion or spiritual practice. 4. Be open to learning from others whose belief systems differ from yours. 5. Seek guidance from a spiritual teacher or counselor, especially if you have emotional or mental problems that need healing.

How do you connect with someone spiritually?

A great way to begin connecting with your spirituality is through meditation. There are tons of apps available that can help you learn how to meditate and guide you through the process if you're new to it


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