Dealing With Grief With The Help Of Church Grief Support Groups


Dealing With Grief With The Help Of Church Grief Support Groups? Each of us has been through a period of Grief.

People might mourn for a variety of reasons in life, including homesickness, the side effects of advanced aging or illness, and simply general disappointments.

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And we’ve all felt sadness at the loss of a loved one, whether it was a stranger, a friend, a family member, or maybe a spouse. Is there assistance available for those who are bereaved?

What is a Grief Share class?

GriefShare is neither a cure nor a treatment plan.


The program is intended to provide people who grieve in different ways with helpful tools that will strengthen them for their grief journeys, as well as to foster healthy relationships among those who are grieving together, to build a Christian support system made up of people who understand the pain.

Dealing With Grief With The Help Of Church Grief Support Groups
Dealing With Grief With The Help Of Church Grief Support Groups

What Activities Help With Grief?

When we are in the grip of sadness, it is easy to lose sight of what might console us.

It’s critical to give ourselves time for good thought and to do activities that make us happy. While grieving, it is critical to find healthy diversions.

Here’s a list of loving actions to assist individuals to cope with loss. Grief is a deeply personal experience.

A nurturing action for one individual, such as dusting or tidying a space, may have the opposite effect on another.

Take some time to jot down a few activities that you believe would be beneficial to you. If you don’t find your favorite nurturing activity on the list, please share it in the comments section below!

  • Consume a Healthy Breakfast.

The meal provides you with physical energy to face the day, and a good breakfast may help you feel good for hours.


It doesn’t have to be difficult, and you can always enlist the help of a friend (friends prefer being assigned a duty when someone they care about is bereaved—it allows them to feel helpful).

Take the time to prepare something healthful and complete (regardless of the time of day), and avoid eating too much processed sugar, which can make you fatigued even more.

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Here are some suggestions:

  • Eggs and Toast with a Sliced Avocado or Tomato
  • Instant Whole Grain Oatmeal with Pumpkin Seeds, Crushed Walnuts, and Fresh Berries
  • Protein Smoothie with Hemp Protein Powder, Banana, and Peanut Butter
  • Greek Yogurt Parfait with Muesli (or Granola)
  • French Toast with Maple Syrup and Turkey Sausage.
  • Pamper Yourself with a Spa-Quality Bath.

Taking a shower might be difficult at times. Choose an afternoon or evening to pamper yourself with a soothing bath.

Add bath salts or bubbles to your soaking tub. Light a few scented candles, listen to some soothing music, and feel your muscles relax.

Hot water has a cleansing and relaxing impact, and it may help you sleep better when you truly need it.

  • Create a Spa Experience in Your Own Home.

This may be pretty straightforward. If all you can do is wait till the mask on your face hardens and then wash it off, that should be enough.

If you find yourself with an extra burst of energy, treat yourself to moisturizers, a self manicure or pedicure, eye cream, and any other grooming that would make you feel better.

Home spa treatments are also a fun pastime to undertake with a buddy or two on a weekend or evening when you don’t want to be alone.

Dealing With Grief With The Help Of Church Grief Support Groups
Dealing With Grief With The Help Of Church Grief Support Groups
  • Netflix and Chill…with Yourself.

Make (or buy) yourself some buttery popcorn and grab a cozy blanket, then choose a movie or series. Even if you fall asleep during the show, it’s OK.


Tip: it may be better, especially early in your grief process, to watch something new, as you won’t have difficult memories associated with it. 

  • Face Steaming

Use sprigs of fresh herbs or your favorite herbal tea. Bring a saucepan of water to a boil with at least one tea bag or 5 sprigs of fresh herbs such as rosemary or mint.

Remove the pot with oven mitts and set it on a trivet on a table or counter. Cover your head with a big hand towel or bath towel and cautiously bend over the pot to inhale the steam.

Keep your face away from the hot pot so that you can feel the warm vapor without being too hot. You may need to open the towel frequently to allow cold air in.

This simple act of self-care is not only beneficial for your complexion; it also has a purifying effect akin to relaxing in a steam room, plus a bonus: you’ve got a decent covert place to weep beneath that towel.

  • Paint, Paint by Numbers or Take Some Photos.

Making art is a welcome distraction and a release for emotions and stress. Make your creation with acrylics or watercolors, or purchase a paint-by-number coloring canvas and follow the directions mindlessly.

The idea is not to make anything great. It’s just to do something with your hands and your eyes. If you prefer photography, you could take some shots in nature or wherever you find relief, then consider having a canvas made from one of your photos for a personalized creation.

A handmade artwork can be a document of your current experience or can make a personal addition to an altar or memorial tribute. It can also be something you make and throw.

Dealing With Grief With The Help Of Church Grief Support Groups
Dealing With Grief With The Help Of Church Grief Support Groups

How Grief Support Groups Can Help

Bereavement ministry performs several tasks and holds various responsibilities vital to helping bereaved church members deal with their loss while they pass through the stages of grief.


Understanding the duties of the bereavement ministry will help you determine if, in the unfortunate event of a loss, you would benefit from its aid.

  • Making House Calls.
  • Help with Funeral Arrangements.
  • Meals, Cleaning, and Transportation.
  • Follow-Up Care.


What Are The Pitfalls Of Support Groups?

Potential Pitfalls 1. Overwhelming: It can be helpful to be in the presence of someone else's emotions, but sometimes it can be too much. 2. Discouraging 3. Therapeutic Expectations 4. Incorrect Information/Bad Advice 5. Judgment 6. People 7. Culture 8. Instillation of Hope

How Do You Structure A Grief Group?

Steps for Setting Up a Grief Support Group 1. Plan your group. You'll first need to figure out why it is that you want to start a grief support group. 2. Determine the scope. 3. Determine the duration. 4. Figure out how often you'll meet. 5. Find your format. 6. Find a location. 7. Do some marketing. 8. Get to know your platform.

What Is The Purpose Of A Grief Group?

What exactly is a Grief Support Group? A grief support group provides a unique type of comfort and connection that comes from meeting with others who have just experienced a loss. Grieving support groups offer emotional support, validation, and grief education.

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