Becoming A Spiritual Mentor: The Step By Step Guide

So you want to be a part of a Christ-centered mentorship relationship. What are you going to do? Here are some ideas and steps for becoming a spiritual mentor.

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What Exactly Is A Spiritual Mentor?

A spiritual mentor, at its most fundamental, is someone who assists you in spiritual growth. A mentor who is more experienced and further along in his or her spiritual path assists the mentee in pursuing Christ-likeness.

A spiritual mentor assists you in becoming aware of Christ’s presence, developing a deeper understanding of yourself and the triune God, and living a life of lasting faith, hope, and love.

Spiritual mentoring, as opposed to other forms of Christian soul care such as discipleship, counseling, and coaching, focuses on Christian growth and the goal of Christ-likeness.

This relationship does not arise by accident; it must be nurtured through prayer and intentionality.

Becoming A Spiritual Mentor
Becoming A Spiritual Mentor



Steps to Take

  • Pray

Ask God to utilize your abilities and life experiences to help others grow spiritually.

  • Get Ready

Make time in your schedule to engage in mentorship connections. Be alert and welcoming to people that cross your way.

Take the time to chat with possible mentees, show interest in their lives, and let them know you’re accessible.

  • Allow the Mentee to Begin

Mentoring often works best when the mentee identifies and begins the relationship with the mentor from whom they wish to learn.

However, if you are drawn to a certain individual or have a sense that someone needs aid but is too bashful to ask for it, you may take this step.

Becoming A Spiritual Mentor
Becoming A Spiritual Mentor



  • Convene

Plan your time together depending on each other’s needs and availability.

  • Inquire/Listen

Listen closely and ask probing questions to learn about your mentee’s circumstances, thoughts, and needs.

Sometimes the most valuable gift you can give someone in a mentoring relationship is just to listen, understand, and assist him or her in processing life problems and making godly decisions.

  • Guide Don’t make any decisions.

Spiritual mentors frequently walk the path less traveled and may not necessarily follow conventional conventions. They do not operate by imposing their opinions on others or directing people to follow their example.

Instead, they offer their experiences and expertise in order to guide others to the spiritual clarity they have achieved — they inspire rather than educate.

Becoming A Spiritual Mentor
How To Become A Spiritual Mentor



Get a Better Look at This Characteristic: Refrain from issuing orders. Replace them with explanations of ideas and strategies for achieving goals and getting things done.

  • Encourage Positive Thinking – Even in the Face of Adversity

We all have the option of taking a negative or positive route. It’s easy to succumb to negativity, but spiritual mentors recognize the power of peace, love, compassion, joy, and patience.

Even in the face of hardship, they are able to teach this mindset to others and create a good environment around them.

Bring Yourself Closer to This Characteristic: Before reacting to a bad circumstance, take a few seconds to evaluate the consequences of your own actions.

Turning the other cheek or reversing the negative atmosphere may be more challenging, but merely imagining the possible consequence of being optimistic may help harness that energy.

  • Concentrate on the Development of Others

Spiritual leaders commit their life to better the lives of others rather than themselves. They are sincerely interested in assisting others in discovering their own life purpose and identity, regardless of the mentor or their teachings.

Get Closer to This Characteristic: Don’t do anything just because it’s expected of you. Do what you’re naturally drawn to do.

Doing things your own way, based on your own talents and beliefs, is nearly always more effective than dealing with an issue or impediment based on what works for someone else.

How To Become A Spiritual Mentor
How To Become A Spiritual Mentor



  • Commit to a Life of Self-Sacrifice

Those who become spiritual mentors frequently reflect on who they are as people, but they gauge their worth by how they aid others. They devote their lives to bettering the lives of others rather than their own. Spiritual leaders inspire others and are not reluctant to offer their own strength to those in need.

  • Can Get Closer to This Attribute:

Concentrate on developing the skills of others around you.

Making the success and well-being of your coworkers, employees, and children your primary concern will bring you closer to the blessings of selflessness.

What additional qualities have you observed in spiritual mentors? The bravery to speak what has to be spoken regardless of the consequences?

Standing up for the vulnerable even if it means putting oneself in jeopardy?

How Do I Become A Spiritual Mentor?

1.Be a good listener. 2.Stay up-to-date with current events in your area of expertise 3.Attend conferences and seminars that focus on your area of expertise 4.Build a strong social network by connecting with influential people who work in your area of expertise. 5.Become an expert on one or two specific topics that you would like to mentor people on

What Makes A Good Spiritual Mentor?

1. They don't need to be religious 2. They're always smiling or laughing 3. They leave everyone else feeling better about themselves 4. They know how to listen

What Does Spiritual Mentoring Mean?

Spiritual mentoring can be defined as a relationship in which one person helps another grow in her knowledge of God by helping her apply God’s truth to daily life. By definition, spiritual mentoring is a Christian concept. Non-Christians may gain some benefit from reading God’s Word, but they will not be able to fully understand its meaning or application because they do not have the Holy Spirit living within them.


Let us know what qualities you believe a spiritual mentor should have and how we might improve them.Thank You much Love  🙂

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