Not having the urge or drive for sex can be linked to depression as depression causes a many symptoms including sexual feelings.

Depression changes the chemical composition in the brain, thus making it possible to have lesser libido. Depression can however make you have the strong desire for sex.

Depressed And Horny
Depressed And Horny

 What You Need To Know About Depression.

Depression is a mood disorder that causes a tireless sensation of bitterness and loss of interest. Also called major depressive disorder or clinical depression, it affects how you feel, think and behave and can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems.

 There are 4 major types of depression, Illness and health issues, drugs, and alcohol, personality and Family history

. • Illness and health issues

Physical illness can have a lot of impact on one’s mental health, chronic health issues, long-term health issues, or physical health issues that drastically change your lifestyle which can lead to depression.

  • Drug and alcohol

 Lots of medications have negative side effects and can lead and cause a lot of bitterness to an individual that can lead to depression.

Alcohol drains and the more it is taken the more side affects you experience. These side effects can generate into depression. Depression can however increase or decrease the drive for sex.

  • Personality

An individual’s personality and how they carry themselves about can affect their lifestyle and the way they react to emotional affairs. Unhealthy living or lifestyle can cause stress, anxiety and some other mental conditions.

This may lead to depression and sadness. Some individuals indulge in sex or feel horny when they feel depressed or sad. This helps them calm down mentally.

  • Family history.

 If your family member have depression, you are more likely to have it too. Most of your behavior patterns will be similar to most members of your family.

. Some other causes of depression

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Abuse
  • Conflict
  • Death or lose

What It Means To Be Horny.

Horny is another word for wanting to have sex, and being aroused or excited to have sex means having a sex drive, desiring sex, and being turned on are parts of sexuality.

 Factors That Lead To Being Horny.

  • Diet

 Some foods are believed to increase libido, some of this foods are chocolate and cheese.

  • Alcohol

Most individuals find that alcohol makes them horny. This may be because alcohol increases testosterone in people with vaginas but then decreases genital responsiveness, making it more difficult to orgasm.

  • Menstrual cycle.

Feeling horny during or before your menstrual cycle is quite common. The hormonal fluctuations that occur throughout the menstrual cycle can both increase and decrease libido.

  • Pregnancy

 There are lots of factors that can cause arousal in pregnant women, during pregnancy there’s a lot 9f blood flow around the genital which the sensitivity in the person

  • Seasons

 Increase in libido can be caused by season. The environment can motivate or discourage libido for sex. This is why most people feel horny when the weather feels cold. The body at that moment needs heat which may drive the urge to engage in sexual intercourse.

  • Situational factors.

 There are lots of factors that can cause someone to be horny, examples are

  • Erotically charged situations.
  • New relationships.
  • Being around people you find attractive.
  • Hormones

Hormone causes a lot of changes in an individual. Some people experience pimple on their faces, some get too emotional and others feel very excited over little things.

While people feel this way when they experience active hormones, some other people feel horny and this comes with a very intense feeling and urge. The active hormone symptoms vary from person to person due to some factors such as environment, diet or exposure.

 When an individual is thinking about sexually related stuff, testosterone often comes to mind.

 Link Between Depression And Being Horny.

We all know that, in order for an individual to become horny, he must be mentally stable, and depression is a sickness that prevents one from being mentally stable, depression is a big problem when it comes to sexually related issues.

 According to Doctor McKimmie. “Depression changes the chemical make-up in our brain so we’re less likely to have a libido.”

Things To Do In Order To Get Your Sex Drive Back When You Are Depressed.

 If you’re currently experiencing depression and want your sex drive back, there are lots of things you can do. The solution will depend on how deep your depression is and treatment options.

  • Therapy.
  • Take steps to relive stress.
  • Start communicating

In Conclusion

Feeling horny may be as a result of some different factors. Meanwhile depression plays a big role in feeling horny. Depression can either increase or decrease sex drive.

Depression has to do with the mental disorder and if you are experiencing depression that only shows that you are not mentally stable and can either have the urge to have sex or not depending on the effect and symptoms of your depression.


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