30+ Friday Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

For most working folks, Friday signals the end of the work week and the start of the weekend. It’s a day to unwind, have fun with friends, and gear up for Saturday and Sunday.

But there’s a lot more to Friday than just being the gateway to the weekend. Here are over 30 interesting facts about this often celebrated day.

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1. The Name Friday Comes From Frigg, the Norse Goddess of Marriage

In Old English, Friday was called “Frīġedæġ” meaning “Day of Frige”. This refers to Frigg, the Norse goddess of marriage, fertility and the hearth.

2. In Spanish and Other Latin Languages, It’s Named After Venus

In Spanish, Friday is “Viernes”, in Italian it’s “Venerdì” and in French it’s “Vendredi”. All these names come from the Latin “dies Veneris” meaning “Day of Venus”, the Roman goddess of love and beauty.

3. Friday the 13th is Considered Unlucky in Western Culture

The origins are unclear but Friday the 13th is widely considered an unlucky day in Western culture. One theory links it to the crucifixion of Jesus on Good Friday.

4. But It’s a Lucky Day in Spanish and Greek Culture

In contrast, Spanish and Greek cultures consider Friday the 13th to be a lucky day. They even have a name for it – “Triskaidekaphobia” meaning fear of the number 13.

5. Black Friday Kicks Off the Christmas Shopping Season

In the US, Black Friday is the busy shopping day after Thanksgiving, kicking off the holiday spending season. Retailers offer big discounts to attract customers.

6. Casual Fridays are a Thing in Many Workplaces

Employees in corporate offices often have a more relaxed dress code on Fridays. Denim, tee-shirts and other casual wear replace formal business attire.

7. The Most Common Acronym is TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday!

This popular phrase captures the feeling of relief that the work week is over and the weekend is near. It’s widely used in conversations, social media posts and memes.

8. In the Jewish Faith, It’s the Eve of the Sabbath

In Judaism, Friday at sundown marks the beginning of the Sabbath – a day of rest and worship. It’s spent with family, praying and avoiding work.

9. Fish is Often on the Menu for Friday Night Dinners

In predominantly Catholic countries like Italy and Spain, many families eat fish on Fridays to honor the custom of abstaining from meat.

10. It’s the Muslim Holy Day with Important Prayer Services

The most important weekly service in Islam happens at noon on Fridays. It includes a sermon and congregational prayers.

11. Some Consider it Bad Luck to Start a Trip or Project on a Friday

This superstition, sometimes called Black Friday, dates back centuries. Some people still avoid major new beginnings on this day.

12. Friday is Pay Day for Many Workers

Getting paid on a Friday is common around the world. It means having cash to spend on the weekend for leisure activities.

13. Fridays are Big TV Nights in the United States

Many major TV shows air their new episodes on Friday evenings as people unwind at home. Saturday night is also a popular TV night.

14. Retail Employees Dread Fridays with Big Crowds

Stores and restaurants get very busy on Fridays as people run errands and meet up after work and school. It’s hectic for employees.

15. The Band The Cure has a Hit Song Named “Friday I’m in Love”

This upbeat 1992 track captures the excitement of Fridays by proclaiming “Friday, I’m in Love!” It remains one of the band’s most popular songs.

16. Friday is Connected with Venus in Astrology

The planet Venus rules over Friday in astrology. Venus is associated with love and fertility – passions we can indulge in over the weekend.

17. It Falls on the Fifth Day of the Week in Most Cultures

If we start counting the week from Sunday, Friday is the fifth day – right before the weekend. The weekday order varies in some places like the Middle East.

18. Fridays are Big Sports Days, Especially for High Schools

Friday night football games are an institution in many places. Other school sports like basketball also regularly play games on Fridays.

19. Most Public Holidays Fall on Mondays, Not Fridays

It’s more common for holidays to be observed on Mondays to create 3-day weekends. Federal holidays in the US are mostly on Mondays.

20. The End of April Hosts Arbor Day Celebrations

The last Friday of April is Arbor Day in many countries, dedicated to tree planting and sustainability efforts. The first Arbor Day was in 1872.

21. Coastlines Around the World Experience “King Tides”

When the moon is closest to Earth, tides rise especially high on Friday and the following Tuesday. These king tides lead to coastal flooding.

22. In Literature, Robinson Crusoe Names His Companion “Friday”

In Daniel Defoe’s 1719 novel, the shipwrecked Crusoe meets a friendly native on a Friday and nicknames him after the weekday.

23. Friday the 13th is Called “Black Friday” in Some Regions

This darker name for the already unlucky Friday the 13th is used in places like the United Kingdom, as is also associated with major stress and adversity.

24. Extreme Weather Events Often Strike on Fridays

Analysis shows that for unexplained reasons, significant tornado outbreaks and hurricanes frequently start on Fridays in the United States.

25. Friday Daytime Hours are Common for Job Interviews

Friday mornings or early afternoons are a convenient time for job seekers to interview without having to take time off work.

26. “Friday Night Lights” Refer to High School Football

This term and the TV drama series of the same name depict high school football rivalries and drama around Friday night games in small town Texas.

27. Full Moons Happen on Friday About Once a Year

When a full moon lands on a Friday, it is called a Friday the 13th “supermoon” This rare event intensifies the lunar energy associated with the day.

28. The Word Friday Appears in Many Pop Songs

“Friday” is sung about in over 70 Billboard Hot 100 hits, including Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” and the famous band The Cure’s “Friday I’m in Love.”

29. It Has Inspired Cool Movie and TV Show Titles

“Friday”, “Friday Night Lights”, “Friday the 13th” and “Friday After Next” capitalize on Friday in their catchy titles about the day and its weekend vibe.

30. Fridays are Big on Social Media with Memes and Hashtags

Fun Friday posts dominate platforms like Twitter and Instagram. #FridayFeeling, #FriYAY and #TGIF are some popular Friday hashtags.

So did any of these Friday facts surprise you? Friday definitely has a lot more going for it than just being a precursor to Saturday. How do you like to spend your Fridays? Share the fun in the comments!

People Also Ask About Friday: Answered

Here are some common Friday-related questions people search for explained:

What is Friday Known For?

Friday is best known for signaling the end of the work week and beginning of the weekend in most of the Western world. It's associated with going out, having fun with friends and relaxing after a stressful work week.

Why Do We Love Friday So Much?

We love Friday because it represents freedom from work and a chance to unwind. We can stay out late without worry of waking up early. It's a day to do whatever we want - see friends, binge watch shows, sleep in or party all night!

Why is Friday Called Good Friday?

In the Christian faith, Good Friday is the holy day commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It's called “good” because Christ's death represents a great sacrifice to save humanity. It falls on the Friday before Easter every year.

So in summary, Friday is linked with starting the weekend, the divine in many religions, superstitions like bad luck, and major retail spending events. Whatever Fridays mean to you, enjoy this special gateway day to Saturday and Sunday!

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